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About John

John Ragan grew up with a great love for our country. He knew early on that he wanted to serve our families and our communities. John went on to the United States Air Force Academy but, his love of our country and love of knowledge didn’t stop there.

John received a master’s from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, attended the University of Tennessee as a post-graduate student, and attended the University of Oklahoma, the University of Southern California, and the University of North Carolina in professional capacities.

In the Air Force, John served as a commissioned officer for 24 years as a pilot. With his wealth of knowledge, John became a business consultant with 27 businesses.

John was elected and re-elected as State Representative for the 33rd district of Tennessee. He focused his efforts on education, illegal immigration, and the economy.

John is a Southern Baptist, a pro-life advocate, father of two, and grandfather of three.

Where John Stands

Stronger Economy

Stronger Economy

John stands to get Tennessee working.

John came into office with the promise to help make Tennessee’s struggling economy better. He has been as good as his word. State unemployment rates have decreased every year he’s been in office, with the current rate nearly two-thirds lower than his first term. More Tennesseans are working today than at any time in the state’s history. We have dozens of companies that have expanded or moved to Tennessee, bringing thousands upon thousands of new and great-paying jobs for our citizens. Since John has been serving us, Tennessee has become the lowest debt state in the nation and the lowest taxed in personal income per capita.

World-Class Education

World-Class Education

Our children need a better education system.

John has been working to improve Tennessee schools from day one in the General Assembly. With John in office, teacher salaries have increased with every budget and our K-12 schools have set records for improvement on national standardized testing. However, there is still lots of room for improvement, and John is continuing to push for even more progress. Thanks to his and other Republicans’ efforts in Nashville, Tennessee is the first state in the union to offer adult access to community and technical colleges free of tuition and fees.

More Effective Government

More Effective Government

Government overreach needs to be put to an end.

John advocates for a smaller government that works for us and with us. He has personally helped lead actions to dissolve more than 15 unnecessary state departments and agencies. Additionally, he has supported efforts to reduce the state employee workforce by more than 9% while increasing government service levels to all citizens. John maintains that every law-abiding citizen deserves the right, free from government interference, to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

A Government For the People

A Government for the People

No one, including a government official, is above the requirements and sanctions of the law.

John knows that our government must be more open and responsive to its citizens.

Working for Our Veterans

Working for Our Veterans

A veteran himself, John knows that our men and women fighting for us deserve our respect.

We must recognize the important sacrifice of our nation’s veterans. John will always stand for our brave men and women.

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John Ragan

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Tuesday, November 6 th